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Olymp, the Austrian innovation company, is still ongoing for innovations in the field of energy saving. Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain and Italy are the main export markets. Thousands of oil preheater were also delivered to Greece. Now we want to strengthen our presence.

Our range of products includes oil and gas boilers, Heizschränke – Buffer for all additional energy, burners, radiators for heating and for cooling, solar, gas fuel value boilers, heat storage, biomass boilers, heat pumps and pressure maintenance and degassing.

We are happy to offer our support by planning new heating systems. Whether one family houses or large plants, please send us your documents, we will send you attraktive offers. Our long-established Austrian company attaches great importance to special service and customer care.


Here we provide a brief overview of our products:


Low-temperature aluminum radiator, also for cooling

The solar energy system for heating

The full vacuum technology is also highly efficient with low solar power in winter or cloudy weather.

Full vacuum tubes SunStar HP - Heatpipe



Oil and gas boilers up to 1900 kW,
condensing boiler technology


Our heat pumps OlySol and OlyTop are quality products with up-to-date state of the art:

OlySol heat pump

OlyTop air-water heat pump

The innovation: The Wärmepumpenheizschrank WHS 500 brine/water and WHS 500 water/water. WHS500 air/water in preparation.
Hot water heater, heating and heat pump in one unit.


Our product range includes pellets or wood-chip boiler to a power of 1 MW and the stove LEON!

We are happy to introduce you to the new biomass boiler, also for use with olive stones:

PelletStar Lambda with chimney system

With the technical solutions from Olymp, you are ready for the future.

The heating system from Olymp is impressive not only because of its many functions, but also through the quick installation due to modular construction:

SWS Energy Box Series


Olymp HeizwasserController for fully automatic expansion, degassing and desorption, pressure maintenance and replenishment of water heater:


HeizwasserController HC / expansion, constant system pressure, replenishment

We hope we have piqued your interest in our new products.

You can reach us at, and

An office is being established in Greece!

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